Retail Development Plateau, Bargoed

Retail Development Pleateau 1

Holder Mathias Architects

Structural Engineer
Capita Symonds Ltd

Steelwork Contractor
Caunton Engineering Ltd

Main Contractor
Simons Construction

Caerphilly Borough Council

The former South Wales mining town of Bargoed is in the midst of a £30m regeneration scheme, a programme that aims to revitalise the community.

Central to the overall plan is the rejuvenation of commerce and this will be achieved with a large scale retail development, based around a 5,200m2 Morrisons supermarket constructed in the town centre. Known as the Retail Development Plateau, the 2.2 hectare site is situated on a 300m long by 20m high reinforced embankment.

Sitting on top of the plateau and abutting the retaining wall, the steel-framed retail development consists of a lower level undercroft car park for 400 vehicles, with the main Morrisons retail floor positioned above, along with second car park level. Above the main supermarket floor is a series of further decks, set back from the valley elevation, accommodating independent retail outlets and rooftop plant areas.

Judges’ comment

This development successfully regenerates a site created by the use of old mining spoil, and links the town and the valley.

The steelwork is a conventional frame on a rectangular grid, including a horizontal truss spanning 80m to restrain a high retaining wall. The integration of geometrically complex heavily- loaded nodes into the other elements involved the whole team comprehensively adopting a Building Information Model approach.

A successful use of BIM in a steel project.