Energy from Waste Facility, Peterborough

Energy from Waste Facility Peterborough

BHP Design (UK) Ltd

Structural Engineer
MLM Consulting Engineers Ltd

Steelwork Contractor

Main Contractor
Interserve & Babcock Wilcox Volund

Viridor Waste Management

The facility annually processes 85,000 tonnes of residual waste generating 7.25MW of electricity, enough to supply 15% of the homes in Peterborough, and reducing the volume of household waste sent to landfill by up to 94%.

The facility needed to be able to adapt to changing floor layouts around the main plant and it was important to minimise movement of the plant-support steelwork. An independent clear-spanning lattice steel column and lattice roof beam structure enabled maximum flexibility of the internal floorplates, and prevented the transfer of wind load to the internal plant support steelwork.

The fabrication and erection was undertaken in stages, allowing for part of the structure to be built and then large items of plant installed, before construction of the remaining building envelope.

Judges’ Comment

This is an architecturally elegant and practical solution, enabled by structural steelwork. The challenge of constructing an envelope around such a complex plant is that the requirements of that plant override all others.

The successful conclusion is a tribute to the great efforts applied.