Sports Hall and Sixth Form Centre, Channing School, London

Sports Hall and Sixth Form Centre


Structural Engineer
Heyne Tillett Steel

Steelwork Contractor
TSI Structures Ltd

Channing School

Height restrictions for the sports hall roof, from both above and below, led to a creative double-pitched solution with no central support using four sloped steel trusses which span 34m along the length of the building.

With only a 30 degree pitch, large horizontal forces from the roof attempting to spread are resisted by a series of exposed Macalloy ties between perimeter columns and the central valley chords of the trusses. Once all roof steelwork was in place and connections fully tightened, central roof props were lowered gradually in unison.

Stability has been provided by portal action to the perimeter columns and braced bays at gable ends.

The upper floor of the sixth form centre is a clear span steel frame also tied with exposed triangulated Macalloy cables.

Judges’ Comment

This project enhances sports facilities at a well-established girls’ school and is on a constricted site in an historic urban context. The latter has led to brick and tile cladding, but with an intellectually elegant steel frame with carefully detailed and articulated connections.

The standard of the finished work is very high.