Walkway Bridges, London Wall Place


Structural Engineer

Steelwork Contractor
William Hare

Main Contractor
Multiplex Construction Europe

London Wall Place Limited Partnership

During the construction of London Wall Place, some of the existing heavy 1960s Barbican Highwalks had to be removed as part of the demolition and enabling works. These have now been reinstated by stylish walkways fabricated in weathering steel.

The six new footbridges suspended from the new buildings are an aesthetic and functional response to the problem of pedestrian movement in an overcrowded urban realm. In terms of their slimmer, more sculptural form, material and colour, they provide a vivid contrast with the surrounding buildings and enhance the contemporary styling of London Wall Place.

Judges’ Comment

Individually the six bridges that form this walkway may not catch the eye. However, even though structurally different, through uniform language they cleverly work as one. The weathered steel gives a warmth, which combined with the different structural forms, creates an urban landscape that works with the surroundings to produce lovely public spaces above and below.