Applicants may be registered in one or more categories to undertake the fabrication and the responsibility for any design and erection of:

FB    Footbridges (FB-CF-Guidance-for-Clients.pdf)
CF    Complex footbridges (FB-CF Guidance for Clients)
SG    Sign gantries
PG    Bridges made principally from plate girders
TW   Bridges made principally from trusswork
BA    Bridges with stiffened complex platework (eg in decks, box girders or arch boxes)
CM   Cable-supported bridges (eg cable-stayed or suspension) and other major structures (eg 100 metre span)
MB   Moving bridges
FRF Factory  bridge refurbishment
SRF Onsite bridge refurbishment
AS    Ancillary structures in steel associated with bridges, footbridges or sign gantries (eg grillages, purpose-made temporary works)