10  up to £40,000
9    up to £100,000
8    up to £200,000
7    up to £400,000
6    up to £800,000
5    up to £1,400,000
4    up to £2,000,000
3    up to £3,000,000
2    up to £4,000,000
1    up to £6,000,000
0    above £6,000,000

Contracts which are primarily steelwork but which may include associated works. The steelwork contract value for which a company is pre-qualified under the Scheme is intended to give guidance on the size of steelwork contract which can be undertaken; where a project lasts longer than a year, the value is the proportion of the steelwork contract to be undertaken within a 12 month period.

Where an asterisk (*) appears against any company’s classification number, this indicates that the assets required for this classification level are those of the parent company.