Sustainability Charter

The objective of the Steel Construction Sustainability Charter is to develop steel as a sustainable form of construction in terms of economic viability, social progress and environmental responsibility.

Charter Member companies are audited against the criteria listed below; to obtain Charter Membership companies must achieve at least six of the requirements; for Silver a minimum of nine requirements must be met and for Gold all requirements must be met.

  1. A published sustainability policy (mandatory)
  2. Monitoring of progress towards sustainability using specific management targets
  3. A programme of involvement with their local community on social issues and with the steel construction community generally
  4. An accredited H&SMS to OHSAS 18001 / BS EN ISO 45001
  5. A structured programme for personnel training, development and communication
  6. A published equal opportunities policy
  7. A published ethical trading policy
  8. An accredited EMS to BS EN ISO 14001
  9. Use of environmental impact assessment for process improvement
  10. A policy to manage energy and vehicle fuel usage in the business
  11. A policy to question whether suppliers have published sustainability policies
  12. An accredited QMS to BS EN ISO 9001

For details about the Steel Construction Sustainability Charter, please contact Lorraine MacKinder on 020 7747 8121 or email