The Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractors Scheme for Bridgeworks (RQSC) is open to any Steelwork Contractor who has a fabrication facility within the European Union.

Companies are registered to undertake the fabrication and the responsibility for any design and erection of one or more Bridgework Categories and Contract Value. Steelwork Contractors are also required to work within their Scope of Competence.

The steelwork contract value for which a company is pre-qualified under the Scheme is intended to give guidance on the size of steelwork contract which can be undertaken; where a project lasts longer than a year, the value is the proportion of the steelwork contract to be undertaken within a 12 month period.

Where an asterisk (*) appears against any company’s classification number, this indicates that the assets required for this classification level are those of the parent company.

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For information on how to join the Bridgeworks Register, please contact Lorraine MacKinder on 020 7747 8121 or