Steelwork Contractor Membership



By becoming a BCSA member your organisation can

  • Demonstrate competence and capability
  • Improve client confidence and service
  • Receive tailored advice and support from our expert team
  • Gain access to the wider structural steelwork sector
Membership overview

Criteria: Membership of BCSA is open to any steelwork contractor who has a fabrication facility within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Assessment: All steelwork contractor companies applying for Membership are required to undergo a technical assessment (visit to their Works) – an assessment visit is required every three years. This assessment also covers health and safety, finance and resources. Capabilities are defined in terms of two primary criteria - Class and Category.

Class: The Class gives guidance on the size of steelwork contract which the company has the financial and management resources to undertake. When calculating a company's Classification value annual turnover, net asset value, references (supply and erect steelwork contracts) and public liability insurance are taken into account. If a project lasts longer than a year, the value is the proportion of the steelwork contract to be undertaken within  a 12 month period.

Category: BCSA categorises its members by the type of steelwork for which a company is assessed to undertake. Each applicant is independently assessed during a visit by reference to a range of competence criteria including technical and managerial.  Companies can attain just one category, for one type of steelwork, or two or more.

Benefits: A full list of member benefits can be accessed here.  In addition to this, members will benefit from both the work BCSA undertakes for and on behalf of the steel construction industry.

Cost: The cost for Steelwork Contractor membership is related to a company’s turnover. It is based on the turnover figure for the fabrication and erection of structural steelwork. Certain exclusions apply, eg cladding.

Class and Steelwork Contract Value

10 up to £40,000

9 up to £100,000

8 up to £200,000

7 up to £400,000

6 up to £800,000

5 up to £1,400,000

4 up to £2,000,000

3 up to £3,000,000

2 up to £4,000,000

1 up to £6,000,000

0 above £6,000,000

Building Categories

C Heavy industrial platework for plant structures, bunkers, hoppers, silos etc

D High rise buildings (offices etc over 15 storeys)

E Large span portals (over 30m)

F Medium/small span portals (up to 30m) and low rise buildings (up to 4 storeys)

G Medium rise buildings (from 5 to 15 storeys)

H Large span trusswork (over 20m)

J Tubular steelwork where tubular construction forms a major part of the structure

K Towers and masts

L Architectural steelwork for staircase

M Frames for machinery, supports for plant and conveyors

N Large grandstands and stadia (over 5000 persons)

Q Specialist fabrication services (eg bending, cellular/castellated beams, plate girders)

R Refurbishment

S Lighter fabrications including fire escapes, ladders and catwalks

Membership Categories

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