BCSA launches its Roadmap to Net Zero

19th July 2018

President’s Column (July/August 2018)

BCSA members came together in June for the Association’s Annual General Meeting, National Meeting, and its National Dinner. My President’s address at the dinner focused on […]
21st June 2018

President’s Column (June 2018)

I was interested to read a recent opinion piece in the construction press that painted the construction sector as an industry divided on the issue of […]
11th May 2018

President’s Column (May 2018)

I’ve learnt over the year that my view of the world isn’t shared by everyone else. And when we think about design, that is certainly the […]
20th April 2018

New BCSA Steelwork Contractor Members

BCSA is pleased to welcome the following steelwork contractor companies into membership: Structural Fabrications Ltd, based in Derby – http:\\ Taunton Fabrications Ltd, based in Taunton […]
16th April 2018

President’s Column (April 2018)

The UK economy is bumping along, we have read about construction material costs rising across the board, tightening labour availability, and the latest Construction PMI shows […]
27th March 2018

President’s Column (March 2018)

I’m hearing a lot in the press about new methods of construction, with terms like ‘offsite construction’ and ‘design for manufacture’ coming up more and more. […]
1st March 2018

New BCSA Industry Member

BCSA is pleased to welcome Lincoln Electric (UK) Ltd into Industry Membership. The company is a manufacturer of arc welding products.  See