Bridgewater Place Wind Amelioration Scheme, Leeds


Chetwoods Architects

Structural Engineer:
Buro Happold

Steelwork Contractor:
S H Structures Ltd

Main Contractor:

CPPI Bridgewater Place LP

Bridgewater Place is a landmark structure and the tallest building in Leeds. Topped out in 2005 the building’s shape accelerates winds i n severe weather to the extent that pedestrians experienced real difficulties walking nearby, with adjacent roads and main entrances to the building having to be closed for safety reasons.

As the prevailing westerly wind reaches the building it is deflected downward to ground level, this is known as ‘downwash’. The wind mitigation measures comprising a series of perforated metal wind baffles, canopies and screens ameliorate the ‘ downwash’, improving the environment for pedestrians, road users and the occupants of Bridgewater Place.

This wind-swept urban space has been significantly improved for pedestrians and road users alike b y a series of structural steel wind baffies and screens. Designed to withstand vehicle impact loading, construction was further complicated b y restricted site access at this very busy intersection.

Judges’ comment