Steel Industry Guidance Notes (SIGNS)

The Steel Industry Guidance Notes (SIGNS) were distributed with New Steel Construction magazine during 2006-2011.  They are short, two page inserts, giving practical advice on technical, commercial, legal, marketing and health and safety issues.

The information given in SIGNS is for general information.  Some of the information contained in them may have been superseded in the intervening years.

SIGNS SN01  Good accoustic performance
SIGNS SN02  Tolerances in structural steelwork
SIGNS SN05  Steel in fire
SIGNS SN06  Achieving airtightness with metal cladding systems
SIGNS SN07  Floor vibrations
SIGNS SN08  Welding is a key fabrication process, yet little understood outside the workshop
SIGNS SN09  Sustainable steel construction
SIGNS SN10  Galvanizing structural steelwork – guidance for engineers on how to reduce the risk of Liquid Metal Assisted Cracking (LMAC)
SIGNS SN12  Steel specification
SIGNS SN13  Composite construction
SIGNS SN14  The prevention of corrosion on structural steelwork
SIGNS SN15  Design information for constructional steelwork projects
SIGNS SN16  The case for steel
SIGNS SN17  CE marking of steel products
SIGNS SN18  National Structural Steelwork Specification (NSSS)
SIGNS SN19  Intumescent coatings
SIGNS SN21  Stability of temporary bracing
SIGNS SN22  Structural fire safety engineering of steel structures
SIGNS SN23  Allocation of Design Responsibilities in Constructional Steelwork
SIGNS SN24  Castings in construction
SIGNS SN25  Hot rolling of open sections
SIGNS SN26  European standards for preloadable bolts
SIGNS SN27  Fracture toughness
SIGNS SN28  Truss design
SIGNS SN29  Sustainable steel construction
SIGNS SN31  Structural hollow sections – making the correct choice
SIGNS SN32  Execution of steel structures
SIGNS SN34  Through-thickness properties
SIGNS SN35  Long span composite beams
SIGNS SN36  BS 9999: a new approach to design of fire precautions in buildings
SIGNS SN37  Web openings in composite beams
SIGNS SN38  Life cycle assessment of buildings
SIGNS SN39  Inspection documents
SIGNS SN40  Corrosion protection
SIGNS SN42  Curving steelwork
SIGNS SN43  Shallow floor solutions in steel
SIGNS SN45  Preloaded bolt assemblies
SIGNS SN46  Welding Procedure Specifications (WPSs)
SIGNS SN47  Thermal performance
SIGNS SN48  Design of welded joints using structural hollow sections
SIGNS SN50  Design for hot dip galvanizing of steelwork
SIGNS SN51  Design responsibility – simple connections
SIGNS SN52  Temporary bracing
SIGNS SN54  Public contracts regulations