Bolting Competency Training
BCSA has an e-learning programme for Bolting Competency; this is the first step for those that need to meet the requirements of the National Highways Sector Scheme 20 Bolting Coordinator role (Bridgework).  Following successful completion of the bolting competency training course and test, the candidates can then advance to the Bolting Coordinator training.  This requires them to provide evidence as described in the BCSA Bolting Standard and also to train the company specific practitioners and inspectors (based on material provided by the BCSA).  Once this evidence has been assessed by BCSA a Coordinator certificate is issued.

Welder Competency Training
An e-learning course has been developed to enable BCSA members to familiarise themselves with the correct terminology used in welding, and to learn the basic methods and processes used in welding.  The training can be taken over a period of time that is appropriate to the individual, based on prior experience and knowledge.  Upon successful completion of the end of course test a Welding Competency certificate is made available.

The E Learning can be accessed through the web site: http://www.bcsatraining.co.uk

The E Learning course is £100 + VAT and the assessment for the Bolting Coordinator is £200 + VAT.