Galvanizing Structural Steelwork – An approach to the management of Liquid Metal Assisted Cracking (Book)


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Liquid Metal Assisted Cracking can occur when steel components come into contact with molten zinc. This form of cracking is uncommon but if not detected and repaired can have serious consequences on the performance of the structure.This publication gives practical guidance to clients, specifiers and engineers on each of the following activities to identify circumstances where any increased risk of LMAC can be ameliorated:* Design and detailing* Type and quality of steel* Quality of fabrication* The galvanizing processA post galvanized inspection regime is suggested as a pragmatic approach to reducing the potential consequences of LMAC on the structure. It is recommended that the Engineer should specify 100% visual inspection after galvanizing for all structural steelwork that is to be utilised in building construction.

ISBN: 0 85073 0481

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