TSI Structures Ltd.

  • Enterprise House, Dewing Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate
  • Norwich
  • Norfolk
  • NR13 6PS
  • UK
Contract Value up to £2,000,000
BCSA Membership Assessment Certificate valid to 30 November 2020 SSIP certificate valid to 19 February 2020
Building Category
  • E Large span portals (over 30m)
  • F Medium/small span portals (up to 30m) and low rise buildings (up to 4 storeys)
  • G Medium rise buildings (from 5 to 15 storeys)
  • H Large span trusswork (over 20m)
  • J Tubular steelwork where tubular construction forms a major part of the structure
  • M Frames for machinery, supports for plant and conveyors
  • R Refurbishment
SCCS Certification
  • FPC-EXC-2 BS EN 1090-1 – Factory Production Control (Execution Class 2)
Building Information Modelling
Level 2 compliant
Company Membership
  • BCSA
  • SCCS