Structural Steel Design Awards


The Structural Steel Design Awards started in 1969. The objective of the awards is to celebrate the excellence of the United Kingdom and Ireland in the field of steel construction, particularly demonstrating its potential in terms of efficiency, cost effectiveness, aesthetics, sustainability and innovation.

Each year the awards scheme attracts many excellent entries from widely ranging projects. Successful projects are expected to have a minimum threshold of excellence in architectural and engineering terms and to be cost effective. Each year’s entries reflect the increasingly high standards that are being achieved, not only in design and all aspects of fabrication, but also in short construction programmes and accuracy on site.

2018 saw the 50th Structural Steel Design Awards jointly sponsored by BCSA and Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd.  Information on  previous award winners can be found on

The Awards are open to steel based structures situated in the United Kingdom or overseas that have been built by UK or Irish steelwork contractors. For further information contact Chris Dolling 

The 2020 Awards are sponsored by BCSA and Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd.

Structural Steel Design Awards 2019



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